Restaurants you'll love for loving

by: Scott Joseph Updated:

Elegance with a French flair - The Venetian Room at the Caribe Royale hotel.

Who am I to tell you what comprises a romantic dinner?  It’s very much a subjective topic.  For some it’s a quiet corner in an out of the way cafe, for others it might be a boisterous boîte with ear-splitting head-banger music (Listen, honey -- they’re blasting our song!). The point is: romantic is as romantic does.

Still, there are certain restaurants that meet what I would consider to be the stereotypical criteria of a romantic dinner. Here are some of the restaurants I love for loving:

Chez Vincent: The Winter Park French cafe has turned into a lovely little restaurant with a charming decor and wonderful classic cuisine.

Rocco’s Italian Grille: A favorite for any occasion, but it has intimate tables where you can be sure no one can hear your whispers of sweet nothings.

Norman’s: One of the area’s poshest restaurants, and most expensive, too, because nothing says lovin’ like dropping a wad of money on your date. Did I mention it’s at the Ritz-Carlton? Hey, get a room.

Venetian Room: Your date will feel special with the impeccable service at this fine dining restaurant at the Caribe Royale. So will you.

Cask & Larder: I wouldn’t say that the surroundings are the most romantic, but they do have an oyster bar. Need I say more?