Sex sting suspect had permission slip for child's parent to sign, police say



VOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. - The Volusia County Sheriff's Office arrested 23 people Tuesday as part of an undercover sex sting operation named "Operation Volusia Broadband."

Daytona Beach officials said the 23 people were arrested after they traveled to have sex with children.

The state attorney told WFTV one suspect even traveled by bicycle to a home in Ormond Beach where investigators were waiting for them.

Deputies said another man, Paul Way, 36, of Melbourne, is an Army reservist who had a contract with him for a parent to sign, saying it was OK for him to have sex with a child.

Authorities said the ages of the men arrested range from 18 to 66 years old.

Police said Job Jesuraju, 19, rode to the home on his bike and even stopped a deputy to ask directions.

"These individuals thought they were talking to 14-year-olds or younger children or the parents who were putting their children up for some kind of sexual pleasure," a police spokesman said.

As each suspect got to the home, a group of masked detectives arrested them for traveling to have sex with a child.

"They all came prepared for this," the spokesman said. "One came with condoms, one came with a teddy bear, one came with a contract."

Investigators said they even arrested a retired doctor out of Port Orange.

The suspects came from all over Florida, and one traveled from Georgia, investigators said.

Most of the suspects face three different felony charges. Each could get up to five to 10 years in prison if convicted.