• Deputies: 4 teens admit to burglarizing own gated Heathrow community


    SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. - Seminole County deputies say four teens admitted to targeting their own neighbors in one of Seminole County's most upscale neighborhoods.

    Sheriff's deputies said the four teenagers did quite the number.

    "(They took) GPS systems, laptops, digital devices and credit cards," Kim Cannady with the Seminole County Sheriff's Office said.

    All of it was stolen right out of cars parked at homes and in driveways of unsuspecting Heathrow residents.

    One of the four victims is Hank Wilken who left his car unlocked.

    Wilken said the next morning he found the center console cover straight up and knew there was a problem.

    Wilken said he didn't think he needed to lock his doors in his neighborhood. There is a guard and gate and every corner and it's almost impossible for anyone who doesn't live in the neighborhood to get in.

    Deputies said the four teens didn't need to break in because at least one of them lives in Heathrow and another used to.

    They said the group took the stolen credit cards and went on a lavish spending spree.

    They bought designer Gucci belts, cologne, a water pipe and then ordered pizza.

    "These four were rather brazen, and they have no regard for their neighbors," Cannaday said.

    Wilken said he faces the aggravating process of replacing everything.

    "I run eight different businesses and I have got eight different credit cards," Wilken said.

    Deputies said none of the victims were able to get any of their stolen items back.

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