Action 9 gets answers for frustrated victims of celebrity con



Action 9 was able to get answers for victims who claimed a fake celebrity conned them out of nearly $500,000 and got away with it.

The celebrity masquerade is over, and Andre Vann is behind bars in Massachusetts, charged in a fake identity investment scheme there.

Action 9 first exposed the man who claimed to be Michael Jackson's Hollywood-connected nephew a year ago. But at least 15 central Florida victims said Vann got away with the scam since police dismissed their claims as simple contract disputes.

Kristina Kienholz said Vann cheated her out of $60,000 by promising entertainment jobs that didn't exist.

“We just feel so stupid and just makes me feel more mad,” said Kienholz as she held back tears.

Private investigator Andrea Brasoveanu has tracked Vann for two years, saying he's had a free pass in central Florida.

Outside Florida, Vann has now been charged with larceny and fraud or faces arrest warrants in three states, but not a single charge in central Florida where it all started.

“Why hasn't that happened here?” asked Action 9's Todd Ulrich.   

“I have no idea,” answered Brasoveanu. “He has the same con activity for every single scam.”

Three victims said they went to Kissimmee police.  After Ulrich contacted the agency, it went on the record about Kienholz's fraud accusation.

“They feel Andre Vann got a free pass,” said Ulrich.

“My understanding is Andre Vann is in jail in Massachusetts and he will be charged in our case and that will keep him in jail for quite a while,” said Stacie Miller of the Kissimmee Police Department.

Miller also said some financial records were just uncovered.

Orlando police now said two cases are under active review and a grand theft charge is in the hands of the state attorney.

“He's a habitual conman, and it's happening again and again,” said Andrea Brasoveanu.

Action 9 contacted Vann's attorney, but did not get a response.

Vann has already been convicted of larceny in one Connecticut case and has been ordered to pay back the victim.