Action 9 investigates life insurance shuffle



ORLANDO,Fla. - An Orlando woman claims an insurance agent tricked her husband into signing a new policy that would cost her thousands of dollars in lost benefits. The company denied her claim when she needed that money to pay for his funeral.

“It’s killing me because I want to pay for him,” Marie Lehan was devastated.  Her husband Robert died after 50 years of marriage.

Then at the funeral home she was told his life insurance claim to pay for the services was denied because the policy was just a few months old. “They said you just took it out this year and I looked at them and said no we didn't, said Lehan.

According to Marie, her husband signed for a Banker's Life and Casualty policy 2 years ago.

Several months ago, Marie said their Banker's agent Zach Christy told them there were mistakes in the first policy so Robert signed new paperwork.

It turned out that was really a new policy that generated income for the agent but triggered the coverage denial.

“How can I say this and be nice? They're screwing us they think we're seniors and don't know any better,” said Lehan.

Marie says company managers would not help so she called us. We spoke with a temporary manager at its Casselberry office. (Todd Ulrich) “She's been devastated by this and blames this agency.” (Manager) “I can't comment on that.” He confirmed Christy was no longer employed.

The next day a Bankers spokesman said all Christy's policies had been under review and that caused delays. But now she would receive her full $6,000 benefit.

Marie can pay back her sister who loaned her money for the funeral. “I had to borrow it from her to get him into there.”

We contacted Zach Christy’s numbers in Orlando and New Hampshire without any response.

Always be careful, if an insurance agency suggests repeated policy changes in a short period of time.