Deputies: Trio busted in identity theft ring targeting teachers



Brevard County, Fla. - Brevard County Sheriff's investigators say they busted an extensive identity theft ring that targeted as many as 90 elementary school teachers.

They said all of the victims work or used to work at Apollo Elementary School in Titusville.

When investigators got a search warrant for the motel two of the three suspects were staying in, they said there was a suitcase full of paperwork with the names, addresses, birthdates and Social Security numbers, primarily of teachers.

After nearly a year long investigation, deputies said Richard Harvill, Michelle Walker and Alison Greenlay were arrested.

Investigators said the trio managed to get their hands on reams of personal data for more than 100 people from Apollo Elementary School and then held on to the information until they needed a new fraudulent credit card.

"They would compromise two or three and when the victim found out they would move on to three or four more victims," said agent Jacqueline Hearon.

Investigators showed WFTV surveillance pictures of the suspects while they said they were using fraudulent credit cards at major chains.

Agents said they started to get reports of identity theft from various school teachers within the district and then the teachers realized all the victims worked at Apollo Elementary at some point.

Agents said a relative of one of the suspects worked at the school but investigators don't have a case against that person yet.

"It wasn't anything the school did. Everything was properly secured but sometimes I think that a compromise point is we can't always trust every employee we have," said Hearon.

Greenlay has already pleaded guilty to her involvement. The other two, Harvill and Walker, were caught in a motel room in North Carolina, according to investigators.

Investigators said Harvill has an extensive criminal history and is now fighting extradition.

Brevard County sheriff's agents said they were assisted by Titusville police as well as the Burke County Sheriff's office in North Carolina.

Sheriff's agents are urging teachers to check their credit reports at