Broken fingernail gave police DNA to make arrest in Winter Park kidnapping



WINTER PARK, Fla. - A man accused of kidnapping two Winter Park women faced a judge on Thursday.

Farley Curry, 28, was arrested on Wednesday after his arrest record and DNA evidence linked him to the kidnappings, investigators said.

In separate incidents, police said Curry abducted two women on Lee Road, robbing one while the other escaped.

Court records show Curry has been accused before of punching a woman in the mouth and cutting her lip, and that's what the first kidnapping victim said he did to her.

WFTV learned that five of six cases against Curry since he got out of prison four years ago, have been dropped.

However, on Thursday, Curry was ordered to remain in jail without bail on charges of kidnapping, carjacking, robbery and battery.

"We were able to get his DNA not only from the scene, but from the system and make a match to tie him to this case," said Sgt. Jamie Loomis of the Winter Park Police Department.

Police said the first abduction happened on Oct. 12 when the woman was attacked by Curry, who then drove her to an ATM and forced her to withdraw money.       


Police said the victim broke a coffee mug while trying to fight Curry off. They said she also broke his fingernail, which gave police the DNA evidence needed to make an arrest.

But the victim told police that Curry punched her, pulled her into her car by her hair and threatened to snap her neck if she didn't do what he demanded. She said he even hugged her before he left and told her he was sorry.

Two weeks later, a man called 911 to report that his wife had been kidnapped as she headed to work in the same area along Lee Road, police said.

The victim was on the phone with her husband at the time of the abduction, authorities said.


Curry doesn't exactly match the composite sketch police released in the second kidnapping, but police believe he is responsible.

"We do believe the cases are related.  We do believe it's the same suspect," Loomis said.

Investigators said DNA was left on the first victim's clothing.

Police said charges in the second case are still pending.

Records show Curry went to state prison twice: once for battery on a law enforcement officer and escape, and the other time for drug charges.

Since then, officials said he's been accused of domestic battery, fleeing and eluding and more drug charges.

Curry was fined $600 last year in one case, but still has not paid it, officers said.

Investigators said they have found thousands of dollars in cash on Curry during past arrests.