Ex-Disney employee accused of stealing $122K in fraudulent insurance claims



A former Walt Disney worker used his position to take park goers' personal information and rake in $122,000 in just six months, Orange County investigators said.

Gregory Washington is facing 17 charges of insurance fraud and racketeering after investigators said they  discovered he was opening up injury claims Disney already paid out and tacking on more charges.

Washington worked as a claims adjuster for the company, making payouts to people who were injured on Disney property.

"That's a lot of money to be losing in such quick time," said Disney park guest Ala Hunt.

Investigators said Washington would add fake payouts to an existing injury claim, make the injuries appear more serious than they were, and then increase the payout, or he'd add more people's names to legitimate claims.

Reports show the checks were then funneled to a fake billing service in Georgia, and more than a dozen people were victims.

Margaret Clelland hurt her shoulder and neck and settled for $3,500. But reports show Washington used the woman's personal information to reopen the case and get paid an additional $4,650.

"We were exiting a bus from one of the attractions and I saw my door, my wife jammed in the door. We ended up spending time just wasting our vacation," said Robert Clelland, husband of Margaret Clelland.

A Disney representative told WFTV the company initially discovered the issue and immediately turned it over to law enforcement, who said other people are suspected to be involved and more arrests will likely come.

Washington is being held at the Orange County Jail on $100,000 bail.