Dr. Oz brings healthy eating tips to Central Florida



WINTER PARK, Fla.,None -  Dr. Mehmet Oz has put together a list of 100 foods he says we should all be eating to stay healthy and lose weight, and he was here in Central Florida to show how it can work.

WFTV’s Vanessa Welch went grocery shopping with him in Winter Park to find out which foods may help prevent cancer and help us shed those unwanted pounds. 

Dr. Oz traveled to Winter Park today to show four WFTV viewers exactly what to put in their grocery carts to get healthy. 

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He says focus on the perimeter of the store; fruits, vegetables, meat, fish and dairy.

“The darker the color the better for you,” said Oz.

He says broccoli is the No. 1 cancer fighting food.    

“Cruciferous vegetables, broccoli is a good example, are giving our liver a cleansing every time we eat them,” said Oz.

Do you want to lose weight quickly?  Choose hot foods like red peppers. 

“Hot products tend to speed your metabolism up and cut your appetite down,” Oz told one shopper.

Oz recommends nuts as a healthy snack to fill you up

He prefers lean fish for protein and omega-3s. 

And he says wine, in small amounts, has heart-healthy benefits.

Oz believes the best way to trim down is to focus on nutrients, not calories.

“The brain says ‘I am full. I have the nutrients I need to live. You don’t have to keep eating,’” said Oz.

If you are looking for a sweet treat that's healthy too, choose dark chocolate, but only if it’s at least 70 percent cocoa.

“Seventy percent or better means it has a lot of flavonoids in it. Flavonoids are vitamin-like substances in the food that are good for you,” said Oz. 

Karina Gray left Publix with a cart full of food and a  new plan to get fit.

“I am actually learning from Dr. Oz. He is telling me what I can do to eat healthy and lose weight,” said Gray.

When it comes to dairy foods like milk and yogurt, Oz says the 2 percent is better than fat-free if you are trying to lose weight. He says that's because the fat free foods tend to be filled with sugar.