Health Benefits Of Beer


FLORIDA - BEER IN THE U.S.: Apple pie and burgers may come to mind when thinking about the United States, but many Americans across the country also enjoy beer on fairly regular basis. Beer was most likely one of the first alcoholic beverages brewed by colonists in Jamestown and by the 1600s large amounts of beer were produced using left over grains after the harvest. The love affair with beer came to abrupt halt when the National Prohibition Law was passed in 1920 and all sale of alcohol became illegal. The law was repealed in 1933 and since then the alcohol industry has thrived. (Source: Beer is the most consumed alcoholic beverage in the United States with an average consumption nine times that of wine and a whopping fourteen times that of spirits according to the Beer Institute. In fact, it was estimated that the average American drank a little over 20 gallons of the beer in 2010 alone. (Source:

MOST POPULAR BEERS: Having a hard time deciding what beer to pick up at the liquor store? Here are some of the most popular beers across the world:

  • Snow Beer – This Chinese beer tops the list with over 50 million barrels sold in 2011.
  • Bud Lite – The light beer is the second most popular beer in the world and is ranked first in popularity in the United States. The original Budweiser is ranked number three in the world.
  • Corona Extra – Grupo Modelos’ most popular beer until the company was bought in 2008 is the fourth most popular beer in the world with 30.4 million barrels sold in 2011.


PROBLEM OF TOO MUCH: While beer can have health benefits, drinking the beverage regularly may not be good for everyone. A study by the National Cancer Institute concluded that post-menopausal women who drank about one to two beers a day had a 30% to 60% increase in their risk for breast cancer. Consuming alcoholic beverages on a regular basis can also raise a younger woman’s breast cancer risk, although by a much lower percentage. So, for individuals already at an increased risk for breast cancer, drinking very little or no alcohol at all may be better for their overall health. (Source: Beer should also be consumed in moderation because too much could lead to an unpleasant hangover or even worse, a DUI. Everyone should be responsible when drinking and less is always more when it comes to alcohol.