• 103-year-old Sanford man thanks Orlando's Save A Senior technology


    ORLANDO, Fla. - A new Orlando company is teaming up with a Lake Mary nonprofit to try to save the lives of senior citizens living in central Florida.

    As Channel 9's Karla Ray learned, a new piece of technology is already keeping one Sanford man safe as he turned 103 years old this year.

    Irving Jacobson's family installed a series of sensors invented by an Orlando company called Save A Senior. The devices alert family or first responders if there's an extended lack of movement in a home.

    “It adds years to your life, happiness,” said Jacobson.

    The faded photos along Jacobson's wall show a rich history of a life that he's still busy living.

    Jacobson, who is Jewish, said he kissed the ground at Ellis Island after escaping Nazi Germany as a boy.

    And though his spirit is still as spry, his body has slowed down.

    “See, at my age, when you fall, you can't get up,” he said.

    Unlike the buttons many seniors wear that you have to push to call for help, the Save A Life sensors know if you're not moving and they call for help for you. 

    “It's watching over me, very simple,” said Jacobson. “It's watching over me and if I lay here on the floor and I can't move, this is speaking up for me.”

    The device costs nearly $1,700 to install and $100 a month to maintain.

    The company is now teaming up with the Seniors Intervention Group of Lake Mary to make the cost more affordable for low-income seniors.

    “We're going to do everything possible to get our technology into as many homes as possible,” said Dennis Lewis of Save A Senior.

    “When I look up there, it makes me feel safe, you know,” said Jacobson.

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