2 charged in Orlando security guard's killing



ORLANDO, Fla. - Orlando police charged two people Friday in the killing of a Metrowest security guard last year.

The security guard was gunned down in October while working at the Sabal Palm apartments on Raleigh Street.

Police are not yet saying what they believe motivated the pair to kill the security guard while he was working at the apartment complex.

Khadijah Browne, 18, was arrested and taken to the Orange County Jail.  Browne is charged with accessory after the murder, investigators said.

Authorities said Terrance Anthony, 17, was already incarcerated when he was charged with first-degree murder.

Police are not saying what evidence they have against the pair.

The victim was Allen McPherson, 48, and he was an armed guard for PCI Security in Orlando.

Authorities said McPherson did not return fire, but police have not said if he was shot with his own gun.

McPherson was found alive and gasping for breath, but bystanders could not save him.

Residents said management had been making an effort to reduce crime at the complex.

Michael Hargreaves, the president of PCI Security, told Channel 9 the armed security officer never had the chance to use his weapon before he was shot and killed.

“Scum, total scum,” Hargreaves said of the suspects. “Just bad people. That's why we're here. Stop the bad people. That's what that officer was doing that night. Lt. Allen McPherson was doing his job, confronted the people and later on was shot for it. "

Hargreaves said McPherson was a great employee.

“Anytime we had issues with drug problems, we put him there. He was a great guy and knew how to solve it,” Hargreaves said.

McPherson is survived by a wife and stepson who live in Bithlo.