3-day back to school sales tax holiday starts



ORLANDO, Fla. - Hundreds of shoppers packed stores across central Florida Friday as the tax-free holiday began.

"Any little penny that we save is good," said parent Marie Streeter.

Families had their back-to-school shopping lists handy on the first day of the three-day holiday.

"Last year I saved about $25 per child. That's another pair of shoes," said Streeter.

School supplies under $15 won't be taxed during the holiday. And because electronics now play a big role in education, shoppers can purchase iPads or computers under $750 without paying taxes.

"Maybe a composition book there, find a color you like," Streeter said to her children.

In addition, shoppers do not have to pay taxes on clothing worth $100 or less.

The sales tax holiday ends at midnight on Sunday.

The tax-free holiday lasted 10 days years ago, but over time the state has shortened it to three days.