• 3 guns stolen from cars in Lake Mary Gander Mountain parking lot


    LAKE MARY, Fla. - Authorities in Seminole County are searching for thieves who stole guns from several parked vehicles at Gander Mountain along Lake Mary Boulevard.

    Detectives told Channel 9's Myrt Price the thieves broke into three separate Ford-brand vehicles and stole one gun from each over the weekend.

    Police said the thieves used a hammer and screwdriver to bust out the locks in order to get into the vehicles. Once inside, police said the thieves went straight for the glove compartments and found the weapons.

    Investigators said they believe the robbers targeted Gander Mountain not only because it sells firearms, but it also has a gun range.

    Authorities are looking for clues and going through surveillance video in an effort to identify the thieves.

    Gun owners who talked with WFTV said it’s not a good idea to leave guns in the car.

    “I wouldn't, because cars are too easy to break into,” said Dianne Waksmunski. “Anyone can get into them."

    Police said other cars where hit at nearby hotels and authorities believe it was the same suspects.

    In the meantime, police said they’ll increase patrols in the area.

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