3 shot near Pine Hills 7-Eleven identified



ORLANDO, Fla. - Orlando police said trouble started with a large group of people at a 7-Eleven in Pine Hills Sunday when someone pulled out a gun and opened fire.

Orlando police responded to a call from the manager of the gas station that a large group of teens were loitering in and outside the business on the corner of North Lane and Pine Hills Road around 1 a.m. Sunday.

The gang unit is investigating the case. According to a witness, the fracas started when police used a Taser on a teen, which is when close to 100 people became uncooperative with police and shots were fired, police said.

"I saw a bunch of cars pulling into the 7-Eleven, a bunch of young kids had a meeting somewhere, and they were pulling in to blow off steam and about 15 to 20 cop cars pulled in," witness Pete Scopas said.

"The cops started ushering everybody out and they started harassing people. One kid was trying to leave the property. I had just been there and bought cigarettes; the cops were telling the kid the store was closed even though it wasn't, then the kids started mouthing off. And that's when they Tased him and that's when all of this started off," Scopas said.

According to the Orange County Sheriff's Office, the people had gathered at the 7-Eleven following a fight at a nearby night club.

When Orange County deputies arrived shots were fired near Bonnie Brae Circle across the street.

"Thirty seconds later you hear all kinds of gun shots. There was more screams, and yells and they scattered even more," Scopas said.

Deputies said three people were shot and transported to hospitals with non-life-threatening injuries. They were identified as 14-year-old Tyler Johnson, 26-year-old Ariel Black and 19-year-old Breyonna Green.

Residents who live in the area said it's an occurrence they are seeing too often.

"This club hadn't been opened that long, but it is to be expected around here," witness Michael Gillis said. "Law enforcement is doing the best they can around here, but it is up to the people to help stop this stuff."