• 4 Pine Hills businesses vandalized, but nothing taken


    PINE HILLS, Fla. - Four Pine Hills businesses were vandalized overnight, authorities said.

    A surveillance camera from a "Computers 4 Less" store shows a man in a hooded sweatshirt smashing windows with an aluminum baseball bat.

    Investigators said he hit a total of four stores, including a Family Dollar, a Payless shoe store, a nail salon and the computer store.

    However, owners of the stores told WFTV the man didn't take anything from any of the businesses.

    "Some people are just kind of crazy because for some reason he's going to break windows," said business owner Reyder Cruz.

    Business owners said they hope the surveillance video will help lead to an arrest.

    "If there's no reason, why'd you do it? Are you gaining something breaking windows? No. Don't do it," said business owner Reyder Cruz.

    The business owners WFTV spoke with said they are still baffled about why someone would do so much damage and not take anything.

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