4-week-old kitten named Teddy Bear rescued from deep hole



LAKELAND, Fla. - A 4-week-old kitten named Teddy Bear was rescued from a deep hole that was once used for an old fence post in Lakeland on Tuesday.

Teddy Bear spent an estimated three days trapped in the hole before Brenda Rodriguez found him meowing and looking up at her.

"I was so sad. I was very sad for the little cat," said Rodriguez.

Rodriguez said she called the fire department, which arrived in 10 minutes.

"One of our guiding principles here at the Lakeland Fire Department is compassion and that doesn't stop with human beings," said Asst. Chief Rick Hartzog.

Without using any tools, a couple of firefighters managed to pull the cold and hungry kitten to safety.

"He was very emaciated and also dehydrated as well, so he just needed some good love and care and a little bit of nutrients," said Dr. Kim Domokos, veterinarian at SPCA Florida.

Domokos said Teddy Bear is fitting in perfectly and he's starting to play, develop a personality and seems to get along with others.

"It was very cute, so cute. I was thinking about keeping it," said Rodriguez.

Teddy Bear is still being nursed back to health at the SPCA Florida.

Domokos thinks Teddy Bear will be ready for adoption in a couple of weeks.