5 women accused in $500,000 credit card theft ring in central Florida



Five woman accused of gaining access to more than 200 customers' department store credit cards racked up a bill of more than $500,000, authorities said.

Surveillance video from inside a JC Penney store shows the suspects in a major racketeering and identity theft case using a victim's charge card.

One of the victims was Pat Wahl, who has spent the past few months dealing with the mess.

Florida Department of Law Enforcement investigators said the suspects got their hands on information for credit card holders from department stores like Sears and JC Penney, and they started calling the card holders.

Wahl said the woman threatened to close her Sears account if she didn't give them personal information.

"I gave out all my husband's personal information, which I know you're not supposed to do," she said.

State agents said the women then added themselves to the victims' accounts.

Wahl said her account even had one of the suspect's names on it.

Investigators said the women bought mostly gift cards and a lot of shoes. In all, investigators believe the group charged roughly half a million dollars on the accounts of more than 200 victims, mostly senior citizens.

Wahl said the suspects tried to open several more accounts in her husband's name.

Queneishia Greene and Vinnessa Townsend were arrested in the case.

Investigators are now working to track the other three suspects, Nykeshia Smith, Mattie Shepard and Yvonne Dulin.

Anyone with information to their whereabouts is asked to contact authorities.