9 Family Connection: Gov. Scott awards war veterans



VOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. - The honorees live and work at the Emory l. Bennett State Veterans' Nursing Home in Daytona Beach.

WFTV reporter Deneige Broom was there Tuesday morning as Gov. Rick Scott placed a medal around each man's neck.

With a name like "Americo," one Navy vet almost seemed destined for patriotism.

"I wanted to go in, stay alive or die. I wanted to fight for my country," said Americo Bon Tempo.

His mother, an Italian immigrant, named him after her new home. He wanted to defend it.

"I was proud of it," said Bon Tempo.

Bon Tempo enlisted just before World War II ended. Generations of his family members have signed up for combat.

"We all appreciate this country, anyhow," he said.

Richard Oly was a man of few words when Broom asked about the governor's medal. But his Purple Heart, Silver Star and almost 50 years as a Marine help to speak for him.

Other vets were very candid about their first moments, decades ago, when they headed to war.

"Well, at first, I didn't want to go and leave home, but I had no choice," said James Berry.

Over the last several months, Scott, who is a Navy veteran, has been visiting veterans' nursing homes to honor them with the medals.

Scott also gave medals to veterans who work at the facility.