9 Investigates Florida governor candidates' tax returns



ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - The returns for both candidates suggest that is it better to be out of public office, if you want to make money.
Crist has made money since leaving office, while Scott hasn't profited as much since his election as governor.
In a state that requires candidates to make financial disclosures of their net worth, tax returns can be a bit anticlimactic.
But for the last week, Scott has been hounding Crist to release his returns, with the GOP even creating a clock to show how long it's taken.
Scott's PAC released an ad Wednesday, calling on Crist to release his tax returns. That ad was released just an hour before Crist released his three most recent tax returns.
Scott has also released three years of returns, but not his most recent.
He and his wife filed an extension for 2013, and his campaign would not say that most recent return will be ready.
In 2012, Scott made almost $9 million, despite not taking a paycheck as governor. Scott paid $1.3 million in taxes, that's more than Crist made in total income that year.
In the three years since leaving office, Crist has made between $500,000 and $700,000 a year. In 2009, when Crist was governor, he made $132,000.
Both men are millionaires who have done far better financially outside of the governor's office.
Neither is required to release a tax return, however, it does provide a snap-shot of just how wealthy both men are.