911 dispatcher walks woman through childbirth while on phone



BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. - A 911 dispatcher is being credited with helping a woman deliver her pregnant friend's baby after she frantically called in after the woman went into labor in Brevard County.

John Thompson received his certification this week and was still a trainee when the call came in on Monday.

"Fire rescue, what's the address of your emergency?" Thompson asked when the call came in.

"She's going in labor. We need someone like really, really fast," the caller said.

Thompson tried to keep the caller calm, letting her know emergency crews were on the way.

"I didn't think she would deliver the baby. I thought they would get there before she did," Thompson said.

But before long, Thompson realized the baby was coming. Only one year in training, he had to guide the woman through the delivery process.

"Do not try to prevent the birth.  Do not cross her legs, OK?" Thompson told the woman. "Tell her not to sit on the toilet."

Thompson convinced the woman to put the mother on the ground. Her water broke and within minutes, the woman was saying, "The baby is out. The baby is out."

"My training officer is behind me. She's probably more panicked than I am, asking me, 'Ask them if the baby's breathing. Is the baby breathing,' the whole room wanting to know if the baby is alive," said Thompson.

The baby girl was alive and breathing, and neighbors told Channel 9 both she and the mother are doing well.