Action 9's tips for passengers going on a cruise


ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - Action 9's Todd Ulrich has some tips for travelers who are interested in taking a cruise.

Read the fine print. In most cruise line tickets you'll find the language protects the company and greatly restricts your rights as a passenger.

Carnival is giving passengers aboard the Dream a three day refund and a 50 percent discount toward a future cruise. But the company would not have to do anything.

 On its ticket the "stranded ship scenario" is fully covered in the company's favor.

The ticket says if there is a breakdown the cruise could end at any port, any day and the contract was fully performed.

Travel insurance is your best protection.

You should buy it from a third party, not the cruise line, at a cost of 4-6 percent of the trip. It can cover losses for partial cancellations and emergency expenses.

If you have already booked a cruise you should consider calling the cruise line or your travel agent. Action 9 has heard from some customers who got onboard discounts, even in high season, because the cruise prices had gone down.