• Adoptable dogs no longer identified by breed at Orange County Animal Services


    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - Officials at Orange County Animal Services have decided to no longer display the breed names of adoptable dogs on their cages or online.

    Resident Alexia Cole visited Orange County Animal Services on Monday and said knowing a dog's breed before adoption is helpful, but not necessary.

    "It depends on the person who raises them, They are just like kids, if you raise a bad kid they're going to be bad, if you raise a good dog, they're going to be a good dog," Cole said.

    Animal services officials said the larger dogs have a harder time getting adopted and some labels or stereotypes may limit an animal's chance of adoption.

    "Somebody might look at over their chart and say 'Oh it says pit bull, let's go to the next one,'" said Kerrie Towns, who's looking for a pet.

    Orange County Animal Services has decided to no longer identify dogs by breed, both online and at the shelter. Officials said they hope the change will increase the chances of more animals finding a home.

    "Many of the dogs that come into our shelter come in as strays so it's very hard for us to tell what is the specific breed of the animal," Carolina Mlynarczyk with Orange County Animal Services said.

    Mlynarczyk said they want potential dog owners to focus on personality and not breed.

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