All-Star Weekend brings Orlando economic boost



ORLANDO, Fla.,None - The NBA All-Star Weekend was very good for Orlando, officials said.

The city's getting positive feedback over how it hosted the massive event.

WFTV learned the All-Star Weekend could be back very soon.

As crews broke down equipment, Magic officials confirmed they're already talking about putting in another bid.

Mayor Buddy Dyer said the events of All-Star Weekend put Orlando on the map, with people in 215 countries watching, the city couldn't afford to buy that kind of exposure.

Dyer said 100,000 people were in downtown Orlando every day this weekend, including big-name celebrities hosting parties at every bar and club in town.

"There are a lot of people who make decisions about future events and they spoke very highly about their experience here," said Dyer.

Magic officials said it's likely they will put in a bid for the 2015 game, which is the earliest they can because the location is typically set two years in advance.

City officials said Orlando is now in a better position to go after other major events, including the NCAA finals.

Tyrone Lynch said he has been to the last 10 All-Star games.

"The crowd controls were handled very nice. Some of the parties were great," Lynch said.

Officials expected the game to bring in at least $80 million with merchandise sales, hotel stays and food.

They said it will be a few weeks before they know how much was actually spent.

But hundreds were still inside the team store spending money on Monday morning.

"The total trip, how much you think you spent, like 10 grand?" WFTV reporter Daralene Jones asked.

"Somewhere around there," Lynch said.

The owner of Draft, Kimberly Stewart, said they never dreamed the four-day event would triple normal sales.

"Record sales every night, increasing from Thursday night all the way up until last night. This all has to be out of here today," Stewart said.

Orlando police and the Orange County Sheriff's Office reported no major incidents.