• Apopka Mayor brought to tears as he addresses crowd, council during meeting


    APOPKA, Fla. - During an emotional meeting Wednesday the Apopka City Council voted to hire a new city attorney.
    Former city attorney Tom Cloud was asked to resign not long after he was hired.
    A Channel 9 investigation uncovered that Cloud's cellphone number was listed twice in the records of an Orange County brothel.
    New Apopka Mayor Joe Kilsheimer broke down and cried at the meeting.  
    Kilsheimer said he's dismayed over what he calls a merry-go-round of character assassination going on in the city over the differences between the supporters of his administration and those who supported the longtime administration of Mayor John Land.
    Kilsheimer begged for a truce and then cried.
    "I'm asking people in this room, asking people in this city to stand down, because I think that's important in terms of moving forward with the city of Apopka," said Kilsheimer.
    He apologized to those who believe that he or his election victory may be contributing to the division.
    "There is no guidebook for how to transition from a 60-year incumbent to somebody who doesn't have that level of experience," said Kilsheimer.
    His emotional speech came after a unanimous vote to hire Cliff Shepard as the new city attorney.
    Some commissioners said they felt Cloud was rushed through for a vote by Kilsheimer without much notice or vetting.

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