• Army Corps to unearth old military bombs in Lee Vista


    ORLANDO, Fla. - The Army Corps of Engineers is planning major digs at residential communities and an Orlando middle school this summer.

    It's looking to unearth old military bombs that could be still buried under there, dating back to World War II.

    The first order of business will be to dig up the track at the middle school, where its believed there could still be unexploded bombs even after previous attempts to remove them.

    The Army Corps Of Engineers announced it plans to further evaluate, excavate and dispose of any lingering munitions Wednesday.

    The Army Corps Of Engineers will start their dig in the near future here at Odyssey Middle School.

    About 260 bombs and 14 tons of bomb debris were discovered at the old Pinecastle Jeep Range, under the school and at surrounding residential communities back in 2007.

    The dig will also include Tivoli Gardens and 129 residential lots at Lee Vista Square, where more cleanup is required.

    More than a half dozen class-action lawsuits were filed when unknowing homeowners moved in only to find out they were living at the old military training range.

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