• Apopka Easter shooting suspect turns self in


    APOPKA, Fla. - Police said a man wanted in the Apopka Easter shooting case turned himself in Wednesday.

    Police said as many as 200 people who were at the party identified Wilfred Gregory as the man who used a high-powered rifle to shoot Calvin Johnson, leaving him critically wounded.

    Gregory, 33, has a long criminal history, and police said he had cut off his GPS monitoring device 30 minutes after shooting the man.

    Police said Gregory shot Johnson in the back, and after Johnson fell to the ground, Gregory shot him in the head at the party near Alonzo Williams Park.

    "It was good for him to just turn himself in get it over with," said Johnson's brother, Tony Johnson. "He's off the street. Hopefully he stays there for the rest of his life."

    Police said Gregory had been on the run going from house to house in the Apopka area and staying one step ahead of police until friends convinced him to turn himself in.

    "People often don't want to point the fingers at people, and they want to stay out of it. This was an outrage to the community. There was an Easter egg hunt, there were children present, several hundred people," said Ed Chittenden of the Apopka Police Department.

    Johnson remains hospitalized in stable condition.

    His family said there had been bad blood between Johnson and Gregory for years. They said the men had another run-in last year involving another shooting.

    The family also said both men were seeing the same woman.

    The owner of the GPS company found the device but waited several hours to tell police. He is not facing any charges at the moment, but officers said the case is still under review and charges could be filed.

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