Authorities use Florida Classic weekend to target prostitutes



ORLANDO, Fla. - The annual Florida Classic weekend is usually a major moneymaker for Orlando, but Metropolitan Bureau of Investigation agents are using the weekend to crack down on prostitution.

MBI agents arrested Sarah Stafford and Deidre Smith Friday.

Authorities said the two were caught after they posted advertisements on, claiming to be "dangerously addictive" and into "all types of fun."

"An undercover officer is going to show up at your hotel, and you're going to go to jail because it's not wanted here," said MBI Director Larry Sweig.

The head of the MBI said in the days leading up to the Florida Classic, his agents noticed an increase in online ads for female escorts.

The women consider themselves high-end prostitutes, according to investigators, because they don't stand on street corners. Instead, their services are sold over the internet.

"They come in from other areas of the country, fly in, spend a few days here during conferences, games," said Sweig.

MBI agents said they expect more arrests throughout the weekend.

They said they'd also be on the lookout for underage escorts and prostitutes who may be caught in sex trafficking rings.