• Cops: Disoriented mom in car with crack pipe, baby in back seat


    LONGWOOD, Fla. - A Longwood mother has been jailed without bond, accused of smoking crack in a Big Lots parking lot while her 2-week-old baby was in the back seat.

    Channel 9 has learned that Aurelia Kambic was arrested after a customer at the Longwood Big Lots called 911, saying, "There's a young lady parked. She looks stoned out of her face."

    "She's been sitting in there for a while. She looks stoned," the caller told dispatchers. "And I just pulled away. There's a baby seat in the back."

    When Longwood police arrived, they found Kambic disoriented and clutching a crack pipe, they said.

    An officer stood right in front of the Kambic's car trying to get her attention, but she was so out of it she didn't even move, authorities said.

    The officer then walked to Kambic's window and knocked three times before she finally rolled the window down.

    The father of Kambic's child told WFTV she had been clean during the pregnancy but recently relapsed. He currently has custody of the child, who is doing fine, he said.

    The baby's father said he's thankful Kambic didn't drive out of the lot before a stranger spotted her looking disoriented.

    Kambic, a former model, has been arrested at least a half-dozen times, and Seminole County added another mug shot to her list following the Longwood arrest.

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