Baby fox rescued from storm drain in Apopka



APOPKA, Fla. - A wildlife trapper rescued a baby fox that had been stuck in a pipe in Apopka.

The fox was living in a storm drain, free to roam the neighborhood underground, but unable to get out of the drain system.

"He's just been running around a big old loop I guess you'd call it," said trapper Leo Cross.

Residents said they first thought a small dog was barking from the drain.

"It sounds like a little yorkie or some small dog like that," said Orange County resident Kathrine Gore. "My dad's been throwing puppy food down to it for it to keep him alive."

A trap was set over the weekend with some of the puppy food.

The fox was in the culvert for about two weeks.

The red fox is not native to Florida and that means simply releasing him is not an option.

However, plans were already made for the fox before he was even rescued.

The fox got a new home at the brand new preserve built by the organization Back to Nature.

Officials said the fox will be raised and hopefully released somewhere he's a native.

Back to Nature is a nonprofit organization that specializes in rescuing injured or orphaned animals. Animals that can't be reintroduced to nature are kept alive and used to help educate residents about wildlife.