Bank robber wearing wig caught on surveillance cameras



SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. - Police hope recently released surveillance photos provide clues to the robber who held up a Seminole County bank.

Police said the man, wearing a long black wig, robbed the Bank of America on State Road 434 near Longwood just before 11 a.m. Monday.

A witness told WFTV's Drew Petrimoulx he was at the next teller when the robber walked into the bank and told the teller to fork over money.

Ali Naser said he was too scared to look over at the robber.

"I didn't look at him actually because I heard he was trying to rob so I tried to not look," he said.

While he didn't get a look at the suspect, he did overhear some of his conversation with the teller.

"He was actually talking to the teller, (saying) 'Give me some cash' and she did give him some money and he left," said Naser.  “He just said ‘give me the money’ and he jumped in the van and took off."

Seminole County investigators said the man didn't show a gun or imply that he had one. They wouldn't specify how much money he got away with.

The bank remained closed as investigators searched for evidence and interviewed witnesses. The bank reopened at about 4 p.m. Monday.

It wasn't the first time the popular bank location has been targeted. In 2007 someone stole a front loader from a nearby construction site and used it to smash two ATMs in an unsuccessful attempt to get the money.

A Bank of America spokeswoman told WFTV their employees have specific instructions on what to do in situations like this. She would not elaborate on what they are but said in this case it appears the teller acted appropriately.