Bats invade Orlando townhome



ORLANDO, Fla. - Bats have invaded a townhome in Orlando.

A woman who rents from the Villages Townhouses at Lake Orlando said she is so freaked out she wants to move.

When the sun went down, the bats came out of hiding at the Orlando townhouse.

Renter Kayla Crawford said she hasn't been able to sleep for days knowing bats are flying around in the attic.

"It's causing anxiety. It's freaking me out. I'm not comfortable," said renter Kayla Crawford.

Crawford said she can hear them at all hours in her daughter's room.

Crawford shot her own video of bats whizzing around the townhomes on her cellphone.

When Crawford looked out the window Thursday morning, she said she saw about 100 bats flying around a tree.

Crawford called the management office and was told bats are in season.

"She told me the bats are here just like the love bugs," Crawford said.

A maintenance worker said Friday they are working on the situation and hope to have the bats out of the attic by next week.

Crawford said she doesn't know how she'll deal with the bats until then.

Bats are known to carry diseases. Crawford claims she and her daughter have felt ill over the past two days and thinks bat droppings in the attic could be to blame.

Crawford said the one thing she wants more than anything is to be let out of her lease for free.