Baylor's Training Preps


Baylor was such a good sport today. He was put through the ringer with a lot of tests but was still a very sweet boy.

Dr. Rebecca Rhoades, SPCA of Central Florida’s Medical Director, gave him a full exam. She took X-rays to check his hips and bones, pricked him several times for blood work to check his thyroid and put him on the scale.

Thankfully, Baylor was given a clean bill of health for the most part. But he IS overweight.

Baylor weighs 87 pounds right now and Dr. Rhoades would like him be 75 pounds. His body condition score was a 7 out of 9, almost as bad as it gets. That means his waist is barely visible and he has a heavy fat cover. I’ve posted part of the chart here so you can see.  We will give you a link to the full chart so you can see how your dog compares. 

LINK: Pet Weight Translator

I was really surprised when Dr. Rhoades told me how obesity negatively impacts a dog’s health. I will explain more during the show next Tuesday--it airs at noon if you want to catch it--but I will tell you I was very alarmed when the vet told me excess weight can shorten a dog’s  life by 2 1/2 to 3 years!

Our other lab Banks died in November and she was only 8. We want to make sure Baylor is around for many years.  

We took Baylor to Barking Dog Fitness this afternoon and the experts weighed him again and measured his waist. They put together his fitness routine to help him lose 12 pounds in 3 months, and gain energy and endurance.

The trainers put him in the pool for a quick swim, so he could get used to the pool where he will be training.

 I can’t wait for you to see the underwater video we shot of him swimming! He will swim 55 minutes a day, twice a week, and will do interval bursts on the treadmill. This really is boot camp!

When Baylor got home last night he was worn out. He wasn’t even interested in trying to steal my son’s food during dinner.

We really are monitoring the table scraps he gets from my children and we are starting to feed him less of his dog food.

We will have lots of great tips from the vet and the trainers at  Barking Dog Fitness  on next week’s show. See you at noon on Tuesday!

-- Vanessa and Baylor.