• Beachline to see rolling closures as aircraft moved to convention center


    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - Nearly a dozen luxury jets will take over the Beachline overnight as they make their way to a plane convention at the Orange County Convention Center.

    Beginning at 11 p.m., troopers will set up rolling road blocks from Orlando International Airport to the convention center. The planes are making the move for next week's trade show.

    Ten aircraft will be pulled by trucks down the highway. One of the planes has a wingspan of 40 feet, just small enough for it to fit through the Express toll lanes.

    "There's a couple areas where we need to go over the guardrail with the wings," said Joe Hart, director of displays for the National Business Aviation Association Convention. "But we have measured everything, and it'll fit."

    Late-night drivers will be held back, starting at the airport toll plaza, for at least 30 minutes as the planes enter the Beachline through Tradeport Drive and exit at Universal Boulevard

    The road blocks are expected to wrap up Saturday morning at 4.

    The NBAAC starts Tuesday and is expected to pump $51 million into the local economy.

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