• Bears, falling tree limbs have neighbors concerned over abandoned property


    LONGWOOD, Fla. - A family of bears is turning a Longwood residence into a party house, according to nearby residents.

    Neighbors said bears have been seen hanging out around the covered backyard pool. They said bears have even been spotted on the pool's slide.

    The abandoned property is on Suzanne Way near Lake Brantley.

    "I am just waiting for them to jump off my parent's diving board in their backyard," said Tom Heller, whose parents live across the street from the house.

    The bears have been climbing through the screen enclosure around the pool.

    Neighbors said it's not just the bears that concern them, but the dead trees whose limbs have been crashing to the ground around them.

    According to records, the house is going into foreclosure. Seminole County Code Enforcement is threatening to fine the bank $250 a day if it does not clean the house up next month.

    Neighbors hope if the property is cleaned up, the bears will leave the area and return to nearby Wekiva Springs State Park

    Heller said he is not holding his breath.

    "Nobody is going to buy this, so trust me, my mom has tried to get me to, so that ain't happening," said Heller.

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