Belle Isle to ban big trucks on part of local road



BELLE ISLE, Fla. - The small city of Belle Isle wants to keep big trucks off a section of Hoffner Avenue that connects Orange Avenue and Conway Road.

On part of Hoffner Avenue, semi trucks have scraped tree limbs over and over again. City leaders said banning the big trucks is not about preserving the trees, but making sure the limbs don't fall onto other drivers.

About 500 semis travel on the section of Hoffner Avenue every day. A few years ago, a truck carrying milk didn't make it out after getting stuck under a tree.

Barbie Sanvely said incidents like that make her nervous when there's not much room between her and the roadway.

"When I'm walking down Hoffner, I'm always looking over my shoulder to make sure," Snavely said.

The city said it wants to make the change now because the industrial part of Hoffner Avenue is getting widened in 2017. Officials think if they don't act now, the big-truck traffic will only increase.

"They often leave the roadway because they are so big and they break down along the road along the edges," Belle Isle Vice Mayor Eric Spaulding said.

But pushing the trucks off Hoffner Avenue will mean more of them on other roads, like Conay Road and Orange Avenue. Officials said the road isn't a designated truck route and they want to put the semi trucks on roads where they belong.

"Once we pass the ordinance on this we'll probably ticket some and get the word out that this is not a through-traffic road for trucks" Spaulding said.

The city said it will still allow big trucks on the road that are making local deliveries. City leaders plans to host a public hearing on the issue next Wednesday.