Big day for Orlando City Council in race for commission seat



ORLANDO, Fla. - Orlando City Commissioner Daisy Lynum has held the same seat for more than a decade. On Tuesday, as voters went to the polls, her son watched to see if he would succeed her.

Lynum dropped out of the District 5 race shortly after her son Juan declared his candidacy.

On Tuesday Juan Lynum squared off against two challengers.

"I'm the only person who has municipal and county government experience. The others in this race don't have any government experience whatsohave you, except showing up the last year at city council meetings," Juan Lynum said.

Lynum has been criticized for jumping into the race at the last minute, after his mother stepped down, and trying to ride her coattails to get elected.

He's running against Regina Hill and Cynthia Harris. 

Hill is a nurse who's been very public about her struggles in life. She has been arrested more than 20 times, has been homeless and on welfare. She said those challenges have only made her a better candidate.

"I'm someone who's been through it, got the Tee-shirt, and when they see me they see hope, they see inspiration," said Hill.

Harris is a non-profit organizer who has been criticized for still living with her parents.

She said she's running on transparency and accountability and said she is the only one who can turn the struggling district around.

"A vote for Cynthia Harris is a vote for accountability, neighborhood jobs, empowerment public safety," Harris said.

The Orange County Supervisor of Elections office reported that 1,400 people returned absentee ballots in District 5, which is a record return.