• Bill to ban Florida employers from asking for social media passwords moves forward


    ORLANDO, Fla. - Social media can tell a person's life story, but a new bill would prevent employers in Florida from demanding your login information.

    Channel 9's Julie Salomone talked to one recruiter who said it's a red flag if an employer wants access to your social media account.

    Bill Peppler is a managing partner at Kavaliro, a consulting company that hires for several Fortune 500 companies.

    Kavaliro recruits employees for other businesses using social media, especially LinkedIn, but Peppler said on Thursday they don't expect a person would want to hand over their password to their private social media accounts.

    "Our message to people who come across employers like this is to run, don't walk away from them, for sure," he said.

    Peppler pointed out some states like Maryland have already banned employers from asking for social media passwords, and he'd like to see something similar happen in Florida.

    "I think it would be an invasion of privacy when we hear stories of employers asking candidates or potential employees for a password," he said.

    A bill introduced by state Sen. Jeff Clemens passed a state Senate committee unanimously on Thursday. Clemens said asking for passwords crosses the line.

    "This doesn't prevent employers from going on someone's Facebook page and seeing what's posted publically and acting on that," Clemens said.

    The bill still has a few more hurdles to clear. If passed, it would take effect in October.

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