• Bill suggests anger management classes for those purchasing ammo


    A three-page bill is making its way through the state Legislature that would require anyone buying ammunition to take an anger management course every 10 years.

    Channel 9's Racquel Asa asked whether the proposal has any chance of becoming a law in Florida.

    The bill was filed less than a week ago and it would require anyone buying ammunition to take a two-hour anger management course.

    "It just seems so ridiculous to me. There are so many other issues we need to deal with," said Jon Kirson of the Orlando Gun Club. "It assumes we're all angry people."

    The responsibility of the certification wouldn't just fall on the person looking to buy ammunition but also on the person who sells it, because they would have to check.

    A violation for any side of the counter could be a misdemeanor.

    Sen. Audrey Gibson of Jacksonville wrote the bill.

    "You have to use your driver's license to purchase cold medications these days, but there is no mechanism for using a driver's license or no database on how much ammunition is out there."

    But an attorney Channel 9 spoke with questions the constitutionality and said it would be similar to requiring a breath test before anyone was allowed to put gas in their car.

    "I have friends and relatives that would be affected by the bill too," said Gibson.

    Florida law already requires a three-day waiting period and background check to buy a handgun.

    The proposed legislation would apply that rule to all types of firearms.

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