Black bear caught on video 'chilling' in Volusia Co. neighborhood



ORANGE CITY, Fla. - Channel 9 has obtained video of a black bear spotted roaming around a Volusia County neighborhood on Monday.

About a dozen residents on Willow Crest Street in the Shadow Ridge community in Orange City watched as the large bear sat feet from them in broad daylight.

Wildlife officials said the bear likely won't be removed and that it's up to residents to do a better job securing their trash.

“It's crazy. You see a big bear, 400, 500 pounds, and it's crazy,” said witness David Zapata.

Zapata came feet from the large black bear, but it didn't move a muscle, even as Zapata's neighbors made noise and gathered to watch the creature.

"It's just chilling,” someone can be heard saying on the video.

“He seems not to be afraid of humans,” said Zapata. “He's just sitting there, hanging out. Everybody's looking at him, and he just stood there."

Florida Fish and Wildlife officials said they have received a large number of black bear complaints in the area.

Witness Kevin Mahoney said he has seen the bear and two others that he believes are related.

“I wasn't really all that scared,” said Mahoney. “I just wanted to make sure nobody was going to make it angry and make it go on a rampage or anything like that."

Wildlife officials said the bear may seem friendly, but bears are unpredictable.  Orange City is surrounded by woods connected to Blue Spring State Park.

Wildlife officials are urging residents to secure their trash before encounters become violent or even life-threatening.