Black bear spotted strolling through neighborhood



SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. - A huge black bear made a mess in a Seminole County family's yard Tuesday morning.

The bear tore through the trash outside a home in the Whispering Winds subdivision off Markham Woods Road.

Officials believe the bear may be back very soon.

"He just was eating whatever was in my garbage," said Sandra Sheppard.

Sheppard and her husband got quite a surprise when it was time to take the trash to the curb.

Sheppard's husband had no sooner parked the trash bins when the bear quickly moved in.

"He turned around and he was shocked to find this huge bear up on his hind legs, taking our garbage bag," said Sheppard.

The couple captured the moment on camera.

The Sheppards believe they've seen the bear before, but they're shocked at how oblivious he is to humans and that he has no problem continuing his foraging despite human protests.

Eventually the bear did wander away, or so the Sheppards thought, until spotting him in the back yard back scratching on a pole.

"This is the pole that bear was rubbing on, and as you can clearly see he was also sharpening his claws," said Sheppard.

The Sheppards called wildlife officials who plan to send a bear expert to the neighborhood just off Interstate 4 in Longwood.

The concern is that this bear knows the garbage schedule and has no problem following residents to the curb.

"He was not concerned about any of us. He was just concerned about the garbage," said Sheppard.

Florida Fish and Wildlife reviews every bear case separately, but they recommend anyone who thinks they see a bear multiple times in their yard to call immediately to report the animal sighting.