• Boat with "Live your life, not mine" in Spanish washes ashore Ormond Beach


    ORMOND BEACH, Fla. - The coast guard and Ormond Beach are investigating a boat that washed ashore with no one in it.

    It was spotted late Thursday along Ormond Beach.

    Days earlier, the Coast Guard may have seen it near the Florida Keys.

    Through wind, rain and waves, the homemade boat washed up on Ormond Beach's shore and is believed to have once carried Cuban refugees.

    Volusia County beach patrol took a jet ski out 500 yards to check the boat but they didn't find anyone.

    A ball of twine was found on a similar raft that washed up onshore. While they're still going through the things from Thursday's raft -- they said there were necessities for people to make the trip, including bottles of water.

    The Spanish writing on the side of the boat reads "Live your life, not mine." The U.S. Coast Guard says it's the same watercraft it spotted near the Florida Keys almost two weeks ago also without people on it.

    Officials say they worry people may be offshore.

    When beach patrol searched the area, they didn't find anyone in need of help and said they have no way of knowing what may have happened to them.

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