Boaters rescued twice in past 3 weeks from Seminole Co. rivers



SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. - Twice in the past three weeks, the Seminole County Sheriff's Office has had to help boaters who've gotten lost on the county's rivers.

Channel 9's Karla Ray spoke to people out paddling today about the extra precautions they need to take when the river runs high.

High water levels forced the Seminole County deputies to put their helicopter in the hair to help lost canoeists or boaters find their way home.

Video obtained by Channel 9 shows how two women got lost along the Wekiva River last week.

A week before that, a father and son got lost and had to be rescued while canoeing on the Little Econ River.

Seminole County officials said they haven't seen any more rain than normal for the summer months, but since the end of summer is near, the river levels are the highest they'll be for some time.

The Sheriff's Office said that from the air, they can find anyone with a cellphone that is receiving GPS signals, as most smartphones do automatically.

"It's good," said Pat Blanchard, who was on the river for Labor Day. "I had my cellphone in the boat just for that very reason. I could call someone if we did get lost or something happened."

River regulars told Channel 9 it's just one more tool to keep safe.

"Wear your life jacket, and be prepared," said boater John Lukas.