• Student facing felony charges for bomb threat hoax in Edgewater


    EDGEWATER, Fla. - A 14-year-old-Volusia County boy is facing a felony charge over an alleged fake bomb threat on his school bus Monday morning.

    Authorities said the New Smyrna Beach Middle School student claimed he had a bomb in his backpack as he was riding the school bus.

    Officers said the bus driver confronted the student, who said he was lying, but the driver called authorities anyway.

    Edgewater police and the Volusia County Sheriff's Office Bomb Squad said they evacuated the bus, along with nearby homes.

    "I went to the store, came back, and then I couldn't go in my house. I was scared," said resident Mike McConnell.

    Deputies suited up in protective gear and examined the backpack, but they found nothing inside.

    Officials said there wasn't even anything that resembled a bomb.

    Still, police arrested the boy and brought him to the police department for questioning.

    He is now on house arrest and facing charges for falsely reporting an explosive device and interfering with school attendance.

    The school district said the alleged threat is grounds for expulsion, but they have not yet determined a punishment.

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    Student facing felony charges for bomb threat hoax in Edgewater

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