Boy claims suspect kidnapped, beat him in Ormond Beach for not joining gang



ORMOND BEACH, Fla. - A 17-year-old boy told police he was kidnapped last week and taken to a home in Ormond Beach where he was beaten until he passed out simply because he refused to join a gang.

Police said the attackers were identified as 22-year-old Jacob Manley and 20-year-old Nick Bailey.

"That shocks me, but you can't get away from gangs," said neighbor William Cagle.

Certificates in the trash also show Bailey was twice awarded "best attitude" in school, but he's now facing multiple felony counts including kidnapping and battery.

Both of the suspects named in the beating have extensive criminal records with arrests on assault, drug and firearms charges.

In October, Channel 9 reported about the brutal beating of a 14 year old by suspected gang members. 

And gang activity prompted police in Daytona Beach and throughout Volusia and Flagler counties to crack down on gangs and the violence they bring to neighborhoods.