Brevard Co. assisted living facility on emergency suspension



MERRITT ISLAND, Fla. - WFTV has learned the state issued an emergency suspension against Yan Yan Health Care Facility on Merritt Island, following an incident where firefighters found no staff on hand when they went to the facility to help a resident who had fallen.

Channel 9’s Julie Salomone discovered documents that show the facility had been cited in the past for deficiencies and falsifying records.

State officials said they had enough evidence to immediately suspend the facility's license, but it is not going to happen until later this week because the state wanted to give the patients living there time to move out.

According to the nearly 20-page document, the assisted living facility left patients alone on numerous occasions.

The state started investigating on Jan.30 when firefighters were called to the facility after a patient fell and no staff was around to help.

The state continued to watch the facility's operations for three days after that incident and found it presented an immediate threat to the health and safety of residents.

A family member of one of the residents was horrified to find out about the state’s findings.

"You think you're doing something that you should be doing for your parent and find out [the facility is] breaking every rule possible,” said Vickie Allen, a patient’s daughter.

According to the documents, the facility's license will be suspended on Feb. 12 and no new patients can be admitted in the meantime.