• Brevard County man arrested after calling 911 multiple times to have car towed


    BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. - A disabled veteran was arrested after authorities in Brevard County said he misused 911.

    Deputies said Bruno Jankowicz called 911 five times because he wanted a car towed away from his apartment.

    Deputies think Jankowicz may have been drinking, but he was warned repeatedly to stop calling 911.

    "Where is your emergency, sir?" the dispatcher asked during the first call.

    "My emergency is there's a BMW sitting out in front of my house," Jankowicz said.

    Deputies think Jankowicz knew exactly who the car belonged to when he called 911.

    "We're going to have deputies come out and see it. OK," said the dispatcher.

    "I don't want nobody to come see it. I want it out of here. I want it towed away," said Jankowicz.

    "The calls kept coming," said Deputy Maria Fernex. "The communications center actually advised the gentlemen to call that line, the non-emergency line."

    But when deputies came knocking, Jankowicz was once again on the phone with 911.

    "Sir, you're calling 911 for what reason?" asked the dispatcher.

    "I'm calling (inaudible). And I don't want nobody beating on my window like they're doing right now," Jankowicz responded.

    "Sir, I'm going to disconnect on you, OK, because we do not have an emergency, and there are deputies at your house," the dispatcher responded.

    Jankowicz is being held in the Brevard County Jail.

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