• Brevard County tops nation in foreclosure sales this year


    BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. - Brevard County is predicted to lead the nation in foreclosure sales this year, according to real estate firm Realty-Trac.

    At an average price of $94,000, foreclosures in Brevard County are the most affordable in the country.

    Brevard's foreclosure re-sales accounted for nearly a quarter of all county home sales in last year, and foreclosures re-sold for 28 percent less than other homes in Brevard.

    Lakeland, Tampa, Jacksonville and Orlando were also listed in the Top 10.

    RealtyTrac used four criteria to make their list: the month's supply of foreclosed properties; the percentage of foreclosure sales; the foreclosure discount; and the increase in the percentage of foreclosure activity in 2012.

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