Deputies: Suspicious bottles on Brevard beach may be meth lab remains



BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. - Brevard County Sheriff's investigators said four suspicious devices, possibly the remnants of a meth cooking operation, were found in the Cape Canaveral area Wednesday morning.

According to investigators, Disney volunteers picking up trash along the beach south of Jetty Park found two bottles with yellow liquid in them and tubes sticking out from the bottles.

Investigators said the men placed the bottles in a trash bag and when they put the bag down they noticed smoke coming from it and the bag beginning to melt.

"When they put the bag down, it began smoking and then the bag melted," said Lt. Mike Scully of the Brevard County Sheriff's Office.  "The devices they picked up, they did not detonate, and at this point they've been evaluated by our bomb squad and it does not appear that, in their current state they are not incendiary or explosive devices."

The Brevard County bomb squad responded and found two more similar bottles near Cherie Down Park.

Deputies said the bottles appear to have had some type of caustic acid in them.

Investigators said they believe that someone may have been making meth and left the bottles on the beach. They believe the liquid inside could be a byproduct of meth production.

Deputies cleared the beaches while they searched the beach from Jetty Park south to Patrick Air Force Base for more devices, but no other bottles were found.