• Brevard lifeguard helps 'disoriented' shark that was too close to shore


    COCOA BEACH, Fla. - Some beachgoers had a different danger to deal with, besides strong rip currents, when they hit the Brevard County shore Sunday.

    A shark was thrashing around in the shallow water in Cocoa Beach.

    Lifeguard Zach Cooney, 22, was able to lead the nearly 5-foot shark out to sea by its tail.

    He told WFTV the shark was just disoriented.

    "The number of boats in the water, as well as the large crowd that was around him, so I was just trying to get him out to where he'd feel a little more comfortable," said Cooney.

    Cooney said he knew how to handle the shark because he used to work at Gatorland, catching crocodiles and alligators.

    He said he has helped sharks before, but this was the largest.

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